Construction should not end during the turnover of the completed space to a client. One of the factors that differentiate a great professional contractor firm is their commitment to providing after sales services to ensure that their clients meet the highest quality standards and enjoy the space they will move into.

In spite of having a clear beginning and end in design and construction services, customer relations and after sales services become a central focus for the success and sustainability of professional contractor firms in the Philippines.

What is After Sales Service?

After Sales refer to the support and various processes that companies provide to make sure that customers and clients remain satisfied with the end product. In construction, this could mean additional customizations or modifications in the space that was turned over.

The coverage of after sales service may vary per company. Some may have limited inclusions, while others can offer a wider array of services to accommodate their clients.

Why are After Sales Services Important?

After Sales Services play an important role in customer satisfaction, relations, and retention, especially in the design and construction industry. Compared to product sales, providing a service should not be a one time commitment. Part of the service should cover the assurance that each build is of quality and would fit their demands, needs, and preferences.

Moreover, after sales services can make a professional contractor stand out from its competitors depending on the coverage of their support after the build has been completed. 

With its vision to be the preferred design and build solutions partner in the Philippines, Corebilt aims to comply with the highest industry standards and build every space with distinction and character. Guided by our CORE Promise, the team extends a reliable after-build service to further ensure that your space reflects your story and provide solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

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