Office Upgrade

Are office fit-outs on a budget possible?

More than being an overwhelming idea, the most common thought when it comes to an office fit-out is its cost. Increase in the prices of materials, logistics, and labor, it is not surprising that many business owners think that an affordable office fit-out is possible and attainable.

Despite these economic and logistical considerations, an office fit-out could be within budget–given that your chosen professional contractor offers cost-effective solutions and alternatives for the project.

All About Priorities

Which areas of your space would you like to focus on? Which aspects of the build are you willing to spend more on? Discussing your priorities with your contractor can help customize the budgeting of the project and let them know which parts to highlight within the space.

Think Long Term

Fitouts can be costly, but it is an investment in the long-term. Investing in the right things can be beneficial in making the project cost-effective in the long run.

Smart & Cost-Effective Alternatives

An ideal partner in design and build believes in the value of presenting options. These options should cater not only to the aesthetic and functional preferences of the client, but also consider their budget and how they can maximize it without sacrificing quality.

Our CORE Promise

Corebilt works to build inspired spaces that reflect your company’s story and values, tailored to your needs and requirements. We aim to bring life to your vision, guided by our clients’ input, timeline, and budget.

Our team makes a conscious effort to make each project cost manageable, without sacrificing aesthetic, function, and quality.

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