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Building On Your Vision: Creating On-Brand Spaces

Overall vision and philosophy should be perfectly linked in all aspects of a business including the physical workplace. 

Your space is an interlinked reflection of a company’s culture, story, and branding. By partnering with a trusted general contractor, strategic builds can integrate your vision into space planning and design, and deliver an overall look that will inspire employees and clients.

Branding & Space Planning

According to Work Design Magazine, your brand affects both employees and clients. The physical office is one of the most effective marketing tool that carries the same impact.

The workplace design can help start or reinforce an exciting work culture that can establish a stronger brand identity and boost corporate values. 

Assess the overall demographics and their respective work functions, and auditing your corporate identity allows you to tell the right message and prioritize key areas in your space.

Office Design & Its Significance

The design of your space also needs to be in harmony with your workplace. Modern office design models emphasize more on teamwork and collaboration as it resonates more with the current working system.

However, there are other factors to consider such as mobility, privacy of work, and other health-related protocols especially after the pandemic. 

Office design can also inspire creativity, improve productivity, and retain top talent that can hone your competitive edge.

Attention to Aesthetics

Your office should look and act like the main advocate of your brand. Logo should be included in the design from the entry point to set the tone to anyone entering the office.

Depending on availability or technology, creative use of LED lights, 3D printing, or screens can be utilized. More traditional executions such as murals, graffiti, or a sculpture can also be considered.

The color palette of furnishings must be in sync with the overall messaging. Balancing the use of vibrant and cooler colors can accentuate the company’s vision, and leave a lasting impression to visitors and employees alike. 

The perfect fusion can be done with the right team. Hiring a good architect, designer, and general contractor are crucial to a successful build that reflects your story.

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