About Us

Corebilt builds based on your story.

We deliver your ideas into your space through high-quality work, finished within timeline and budget, and reliable after-sales services.

Our aim is to become the leading general contractor specializing in office fit-out and renovation in the Philippines.

Brand of Service

  • Create spaces with high-quality work finished within the set timeline and budget
  • Observe industry standards through the entire duration of the build
  • Reflect your story and ideas into the space that we create for you
  • Extend a reliable after-build service


Corebilt is trusted by leading international and local companies, real estate developers, and various commercial or retail businesses.

Learn more about the building blocks of Corebilt as a company through the years in the industry.

Corebilt Business History 2005


Eibron Builders & Maintenance Inc. completed various projects including exterior construction, structural work, and landscaping services.

Corebilt Business History 2006


The firm partnered with Haukson Inc. and Pro Friends to complete land development, and low, medium and high cost residential subdivision projects.

Corebilt Business History 2009


On August 28, 2009, Eibron Builders & Maintenance Inc. officially became Omnibilt Construction & Maintenance Inc. (OMCI)

Corebilt Business History 2016


Completing its first office fit out project in February of this year, Corebilt partners narrowed their focus on office fit-out and renovation works.

Corebilt Business History 2017


Corebilt was officially incorporated. Dedicated to delivering high quality office fit-out solutions, the company established its focus to create spaces that tell their clients' story.

Corebilt Business History 2019


Corebilt partnered with Touei Solutions, a Japan-based company. This partnership allowed Corebilt to offer financing options to its clients while also improving overall project quality and timely delivery.

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