The new year brings new opportunities for expansion and upgrade for your business.Whether you are renovating, relocating, or moving into your first office space, being in the know of the latest workspace design trends can help you maximize the space in terms of productivity and branding.

Here are some top office design trends for your workplace in 2023:


Sustainability and environmental friendliness continue to be among the top trends in design. In fact, some would consider it to be a standard in workplace design and construction.

As more people become more conscious of being eco-friendly, many begin to practice environmentally-friendly methods such as eliminating waste, going paperless, preferring furniture made from local materials, and using non-toxic construction materials.

Bolder Color Schemes

Dull, gray, and monochromatic office spaces are out of style, especially with the younger batch of employees entering the workforce. More employees appreciate bolder color choices in the workplace. Explore brighter accent walls this year and improve the mood and productivity of your employees.

Many studies support the impacts of an energetic and lively workplace design to overall employee performance and morale.

‘Instagram-worthy’ Offices

Majority of the Gen Z population, or those born from 1997 – 2012, are starting to enter the workforce. Some research suggests that many factors can contribute to attracting this age group when it comes to working in the office, especially in the new normal. From work flexibility to a fun office culture, your workplace design can also be one of the considerations they factor in.

The Gen Z population is dubbed as the “social media generation”, spending at least four hours ? online to update their friends and followers. Designing an office that is friendly to Instagram and other social media platforms may be a strategy to attract and retain younger members of the labor force.

Make it Unique

Despite the trends in design, it is important to make your workplace a realization of your business identity and branding. Having unique pieces and areas in the office will differentiate your space and branding from others: authenticity is always on trend.

You can try to personalize office walls with photos and artwork that mean something to your company and your team. Hiring professional contractors to help transform your company’s story and vision to your physical workspace can also make your office stand out.

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