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How Businesses Can Incorporate Branding in Workplace Design

A company’s branding and identity should not be limited to its marketing collaterals  and service-it should be reflected in the company’s headquarters and office spaces too. The physical workplace is one of the many important assets of a business, and incorporating your company values into the workspace is a great way to make your branding stand out from competition. By doing this, you not only attract new talent, but also drive employee retention.

The office is an integral part of an organization. Whether a company is customer-facing or business-facing, having a customized workspace is a tangible representation of your message, values, and brand of service. It is a clear way of communicating what you offer to customers, clients, and even employees.

Why is it important?

Despite the advancement of digitalization in business, a physical space provides a personal and long-lasting impression to its users. Creating an office space that clearly and effectively communicates what the company stands for is one of the best ways to solidify your brand and build a connection with your employees.

Here are some ways to do it successfully in your workspace:

Build Around Your Company Logo and Colors

The best way to have a unique office space is to build it around your logo and company colors. As a collateral, the workspace should also be a physical representation of your business’ brand.

Aside from displaying your logo in the reception area or front desk, incorporate your brand’s colors on the walls and accent furniture to make it stand out. A big trend in space design this 2023 is adding pops of color in and around the office. What better way to add brightness in the workspace than by using your company colors to make it your own. Adding your logo on your office can also be in the form of murals or artworks and photographs can also be an artistic way to showcase your brand.

Incorporate your Values and Vision

More than for its aesthetic, designing your office space inspired by your branding should also be functional and reflective of your company’s vision. Following an office layout that supports the values you inspire for your employees and clients should be a priority in the workspace.

Do you foster a collaborative environment? Do you give importance to your employees’ overall well-being and wellness while working? Do you offer work flexibility in the office? Integrating your branding in the workplace should not end with visuals and artistic value, but should also put importance on how the place will work.

An Interactive Space

Offices are not only workspaces for many businesses, it can also function as a showroom of its products. Encourage more interaction in the office by providing opportunities for experiences and immersion.

Having an interactive space in your workplace will not only leave a lasting impression on your clients, but will also allow your employees to have a deeper understanding of what your company does or what it stands for.

Corporate identity in the office is much more than just your brand logo, colors, and messaging. It is about how you send a message, communicate your brand, and foster a culture wherein customers and employees alike develop a deeper sense of understanding of what you stand for.

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