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Fitting Out An Office: Everything You Need To Know

An office fit-out is not an easy task.

With a lot of factors to consider, options to weigh, and a ton of people to talk to, it is common for business owners who are moving into an office to get overwhelmed. What is an office fit-out and how can your business benefit from it? Here is everything you need to know.

What is an Office Fit-out?

A commercial or office fit-out is the process of tailor-fitting a space for your business operations and requirements. It involves various services that transform a bare space into a work-ready environment.

Most often than not, the space you chose to lease for your workspace will be a blank canvas–something you can modify and customize depending on your design taste, needs, and brand identity.

The process of fitting-out involves many aspects including technical and interior design.

Why is an Office Fit-out Important?>Having a space specially created for your business is important. This is where office fit-outs come into play. An office fit-out is a crucial step for business owners who are moving into their new office to ensure that each corner of the space is efficient and their brand identity is shown.

Office Fit-outs are also considered a long-term investment for companies as it can also determine less overhead costs, employee retention, and more client attraction.

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What are the processes included in an Office Fit-out?

Commercial fit-outs can be categorized into two types: Category A & Category B. Category A includes all the technical side of the construction, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations. This is also the part where ceilings are converted into suspended or grid, floorings are finished, fire systems and lighting are installed, and internal surfaces are placed.

Meanwhile, a Category B office fit-out usually involves the office layout and interior design. Furniture and joineries are also finalized and moved in, and other finishing and decorative touches are added.

How long does an Office Fit-out last?

The duration of an office fit-out depends upon the requirements of the office space. On average, a Category B fit-out can be done in under two months. An office fit-out timeline greatly depends on the extent of the project and the number of processes included, the number of people working for its completion, and other variable factors such as material availability and delivery.

How much does an Office Fit-out cost?

Similar to the timeline, many factors also come into play when it comes to the cost of an office fit-out project. This includes the extent of the project, choice of materials, and professional fees. The location of your office can also affect your office fit-out cost.

Should you hire Professional Contractors for an Office Fit-out?

A commercial or office fit-out may be an overwhelming process for business owners. Being a key aspect when moving into a commercial space, acquiring the services of professional contractors can benefit companies in terms of project management, material suppliers, and budget requirements.

An office fit-out can make or break your workspace. It is important to do things correctly during this phase to ensure that your office space is used efficiently, provides adequate space for your employees, and establishes an ideal core for your business operations.

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