A commercial or office fit-out may be overwhelming as a DIY project. However, it is not an impossible task to pull-off going DIY. Deciding on whether it’s best to get professional help in your office fit-out project? Here are some pros and cons you might want to consider:


More Control over the Entire Process
Deciding to go DIY for your office fit-out project gives you the control over the entire process: the design, budget, and timeline. Being able to call the shots allows more flexibility as you adapt the project to your own vision, needs, and style. 

Less Budget

A DIY office fit-out may seem to be the best route if you are working on a budget as you don’t have to acquire the services of the professionals and spend less on professional fees. Taking over specific do-it-yourself tasks can also save you some money initially, without considering the tools, materials, and the number of laborers you need to hire.

Develop your Own Supplier Network

By being hands-on with an office fit-out, you can establish your own network of suppliers and subcontractors that can be handy if ever you need to build, repair, or modify something in the future. It also allows you to unlock new skills and learn new knowledge, specifically in building, designing, and construction.


Rushed Planning

Fitting out a workplace involves a lot of strategic planning. Without the guidance of a professional contractor, many of the pre-construction phases may be missed, including a thorough selection of your suppliers and subcontractors, risk mitigation, and planning for quality control and assessment.

Hiring professionals increases the guarantee of getting the project done properly and successfully on time. Having a professional walk you through the entire process would also provide you all the other important information about your space.

Poor Project Management

Poor project management can lead to a substandard build, overspending, or a lot of completion delays in the long run. Hiring professional contractors lets you allocate the work to someone who is very familiar with the ins and outs of the whole process.

Having someone on top of everything will not only provide you with peace of mind, but would also allow easier communication and coordination all throughout the project.

Overspending your Budget

Spending way too much outside your allotted budget may also be one of the issues that can arise from a DIY fit-out project due to unforeseen circumstances and hidden costs.

Safety Malpractices and Hazards

DIY-ing a construction project without the expertise can be extremely hazardous and can lead to a lot of safety malpractices on site. Fitting-out an office requires safety permits and safety precautions that are often overlooked when not handled by professionals.

Professional contractors work with your budget, handle the procurement of materials, labor, and management of project timeline to ensure a successful build. Moreover, professional contractors already have a network of trusted suppliers that will allow you to save a few bucks for the project without compromising quality and aesthetics.

A commercial or office fit-out may be overwhelming as a DIY project. Don’t put the productivity and profitability of your entire office at risk. Contact Corebilt today  to know more about what we can do for your business.

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