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Commercial Fit-outs FAQs

What is an office fit-out?

An office fit-out is the general term used to describe the process of constructing and modifying  interior spaces to make it suitable for occupancy and operations for business. Commercial fit-outs are essential for businesses that are moving into their new office space or are relocating to a new address.

What are the inclusions?

Commercial fit-outs are often divided into two categories depending on the inclusions involved in the process. Category A fit-outs include the basic processes to ensure that the space will function such as flooring, power sockets, air conditioning, basic fire detection & protection systems, as well as general decoration to the perimeter walls

Meanwhile, office Fit-outs under Category B often include the finishing touches to make the space more comfortable to its occupants and add on branding specifications through wall colors, furniture, and interior decoration.

What is the typical process of a commercial fit-out?

Choosing your Fit-out Team

A professional contractor will be your partner in your office fit-out project. Make sure to choose people who you trust, have a credible portfolio, and are always available for your questions throughout the whole process.

Preparation & Pre-construction Meetings

Before any construction to proceed, the professional contractors and the clients will meet to align goals, vision, and terms for the project. The timeline, requirements, and budget will also be discussed to ensure a clear collaboration between the two parties.

Design Discussion

Once the clear vision and goals are set, the professional contractors will create a design for approval based on the brief. They will present their proposed layout, choice of materials, space layout, and budget necessary to make the project successful.


Once the client approves everything and gives the green signal, the professional contractors will finalize everything needed for the construction to begin. They will begin to secure permits and coordinate with suppliers and subcontractors.

Implementation & Actual Construction

The actual construction is facilitated by the teams assigned specifically to meet the needs of the project. You will be updated through weekly status meetings where the discussion of the development milestones and challenges is done.

How long does a commercial fit-out last?

The process usually lasts for 8-12 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. Weekly progress reports and meetings will also be held to make sure that all systems are in place and to allow close collaboration and accountability on both parties. Inspections and confirmation of build quality will also be done before turnover of the space.

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