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How different are Office & Residential Builds?

Commercial and residential buildings are very different types of construction for a number of different reasons. While both are construction projects, each type has its own scope, limitations, and requirements that need to be fulfilled for it to be safe and successful.

Here are the key differences you need to know:

Construction Materials & Equipment

The materials and equipment used in renovating a commercial and residential property are different. Since they are bigger and usually cover more, commercial construction materials are more expensive than those needed for a residential renovation. 

Project Timeline & Build Schedules

Commercial renovations for offices and the workplace can be completed faster compared to residential projects, depending on the extent of the upgrade. On the average, commercial or office builds typically runs for two months, while residential builds need 10-12 months to be completed.

Utility Upgrades & Fixes

Commercial properties have more advanced plumbing and electrical systems in place that need to be considered during renovations compared to home renovations. 

Design Options and Choices

One of the factors that contribute to the project  timeline and key differences of office and home renovation is design. Renovating an office space should be done in consideration of a number of factors including the location, permits, and limitations of the space occupied. Most often, office builds can not be customized, build-wise. Residential construction is more open to design customization and personalization, given the space they can work with.

Understanding Building Codes

Another key difference between commercial and residential renovation are building codes, permits, and requirements. Tenants need to keep in mind that there are a number of different building codes that apply to various commercial projects that they need to observe during renovation.  

Project Costs and Budget

Another significant difference between residential and commercial projects is the cost. Commercial and office builds can be more budget-friendly if needed for a smaller workplace.  

Have a project in mind? Be it a commercial or residential build, it is always better to trust a professional contractor. Project experts from Corebilt have the expertise in completing Commercial & Residential Projects. Contact us to know more about our work!

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