As the preferred design and build solutions partner in the Philippines, Corebilt distinguishes itself by offering a full-service approach to every office and commercial service with. From design, execution, after-build services, our team of professionals work with clients from different industries and scale.

With the objective of expanding its business footprint in the Philippines, Ayumi opened the doors of its newest branch in Quezon City, with the project spearheaded by Corebilt. Being the first Filipino-owned eyelash extension and nail art salon using Japanese technology, Ayumi chose to entrust the project with professional fit-out contractors working with the same commitment to excellence.

“Their primary goal is to have an elegant, high statement, and ready to operate store,” Corebilt’s Business Development Manager Carl Payra shared. “They had a vision to be an elegant and prestigious brand here in the Philippines. There are a lot of considerations especially in the material specs of finishing and actual presentation of rendered design tactual look.”

In handling projects and clients, Corebilt’s core values really differentiates the brand of service and craftsmanship. “Ayumi is a 30-days construction fit-out project. They are looking for a professional and well-experienced contractor with retail stores,” Payra noted. Citing Corebilt’s values of teamwork, kindness, integrity, and excellence, the team displayed excellent work delivered. ”We are accountable and timely delivering completion of projects within the agreed upon timelines and budgets that demonstrate reliability and professionalism.”

“Of course we faced challenges during the duration of the build,” he noted. “We encountered admin issues with the mall and their operational hours, logistics, and the tight timeline. But we are very proud to have committed and succeeded in finishing the build right on schedule.”

Guided by the same vision and level of commitment, Carl shared that working with the right people and the best team really makes the business work. “We are consistent in delivering high quality construction and fit out that meets and exceeds the clients’ expectation in our work.”

“Corebilt takes pride in providing excellent partner service,” Carl expressed. “The whole team was extremely responsive and supported our partners through the entire construction process.”

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