As the preferred office and commercial fit-out contractor in the Philippines, Corebilt takes the unique approach of telling your brand story through the space created. We provide an end-to-end service for clients from different industries and scale. With its expertise and distinct eye for detail, we see through the full cycle of every build – from design strategy, execution, and after-build services.

Check out our roster of services that you might need for your workspace:

Architectural & Civil

Corebilt’s Architectural and Civil Services ensure that  office and commercial spaces are built for functionality that matches the aesthetics and design structures that can serve its intended purpose.

Electronics & Electrical

Our team of professionals manages circuits, power generation, and overall energy operation in any space. To integrate your workspace and help your business adapt to advanced technology.

Furniture & Joineries

The Coreblit team has a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen that fabricate custom-made cabinetry, storage, and other furniture for your office or commercial space.


Under our Mechanical Service, Corebilt ensures that your space is constructed at its best by sourcing quality-made sound materials and maintaining systems.


For commercial spaces that need plumbing systems, Corebilt is equipped to build and develop enhanced water and sewage fixtures and management for proper sanitation & drainage systems.

Fire Detection & Fire Protection

For compliance and an added safety feature in your commercial space, Corebilt also offers fire detection and protection services tailor-fit for your office. This service includes the installation of alarm systems and regular maintenance for overall property care.

Corebilt offers a seamless, full service to clients who want to transform their space to their ideal workplace. From developing office designs to execution, our team of professionals are ready to work with you to help you achieve your dream workspace. Want to collaborate? Send us an inquiry to today!

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