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Design & Build Hacks to beat the Heat

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) has reported that the country will continue to feel the effects of global warming through elevated temperatures and heat index.

In April, the weather bureau logged the highest heat index in the country at 48° Celsius, with the danger of causing heat stroke, extreme heat exhaustion, among other health hazards. Pagasa reminded residents to remain indoors, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

More than health precautions, the design and layout of offices and houses should also be considered as safeguards against the harmful effects of hot temperatures in the country. Here are some design and build hacks to beat the heat:

Pay attention to the Sun

Track the direction of the sun and plan your layout accordingly. How the angles of the sun hit your space is a huge factor in keeping your office or your home cool, especially during the summertime.

Consider the Airflow

There are two kinds of airflow: horizontal cross ventilation and vertical airflow. It would be best to consult professional contractors and designers on how to maximize the location of your commercial or residential space.

Artificial Cooling Ideas

If you have a limiting design for natural airflow, consider artificial cooling ideas such as ceiling fans, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, and hydronic cooling.

Weather Suitable Construction Materials

A variety of construction materials are available to minimize the heat and insulation in a space. Materials used in the construction of buildings like brick, concrete and tiles generally have a high thermal mass and absorb and emanate a lot of heat. You can opt to use alternative materials such as plaster walls or slate floors for construction that can flush heat back into the environment in the night leaving a cool indoor all day round.

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