Every employee prefers to work in an inspiring environment. With the average person spending at least 90,000 hours of their lives in the office, the space can be demotivating for many. However, many workplace strategists suggest that personalizing your workplace can actually benefit your company and employees in the long run.

At present, companies begin to abandon workplace design that favors hoteling concepts and allow their identity to be reflected in the office. More than providing a safe and functional workplace, companies should also realize the importance of making the space more comfortable, motivating, and ideal for their employees’ preferences.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons why you should Personalize your Workplace:

Boost Employee Engagement & Culture

A workspace that has a very clear identity resonated in each area can increase the employees’ sense of belongingness to the company and to the brand. The office can be a physical reminder of the vision and core values of the company, and may very well affect the company culture.

Instead of having blank and dull walls that can easily be mistaken with any other office, a personalized workspace can be an artistic way to inspire, motivate, and humanize the workplace.

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Employee Health and Well-being

A personalized office tends to the needs and preferences of the people that occupy it. As more research continues to prove the impacts of the physical office to the health and productivity of the employees, more companies begin to tailor fit the space that will prioritize the physiological and mental health needs of its occupants.

Additionally, the pandemic has also inspired more people to be more conscious of their general well-being and safety, pushing them to prioritize their health even in the workplace.

Adjusting to Demographic Shifts

Research suggests that by 2025, millennials and Gen Z will occupy three-quarters of the workforce. As this labor force demographic places more importance on collaboration and socialization, old design concepts of cubicles and boxed out rooms are outdated. Moreover, a more personalized and technologically-advanced workplace is also the priority of many jobseekers from this generation, ultimately opting for companies that can offer more work and life balance and flexibility.

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An Office Worth Going Back To

Despite changes in the traditional work set-up post pandemic, the essence of the physical workplace remains the same: it is where relationships are formed, collaborations are strengthened, and culture is reinforced.

A personalized office that showcases the company’s ideals, identity, vision, and beliefs does not only impact the productivity, employee attraction and retention, and morale of its occupants, but also serve as a reminder why it is one of the core of the organization in the first place–its ability to humanize work experience and provide the opportunity to build a solid community.

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