An office fit-out is not only about improving the aesthetic and feel of your office. Did you know that it also affects your employees’ motivation and productivity while working? The average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting in front of their desks. With the amount of time spent inside this environment, the workspace significantly impacts their behavior towards work and how they perform during office hours.

Here are some workplace design stats you need to know to improve your office this 2024:

Productivity in the Office

A well-designed and well-planned workspace allows processes to flow seamlessly within the office. A poorly designed office, on the contrary, leads employees to lose an average of 86 minutes per day due to distractions.

Meanwhile, 95% or employees agree that a well-designed office makes them more productive as the environment helps them focus and get the job done easily. Studies show that the work environment significantly impacts the productivity of employees and found that a good office environment leads to a 12% spike in productivity.

The majority of employees working in an office agree that natural light is the most desirable office feature. At least 62% of those surveyed said that they are more likely to enjoy working in an office with big windows. One research even linked poor office lighting to work fatigue in the office.

Job Satisfaction

Did you know that your office design impacts the job satisfaction of your employees? Around 10-15% of workers said that they would feel more satisfaction in work if they were given access to an updated and personalized workspace. At least 36% of employees also believe that it will make them happier if their company invested more in office and workplace design.

Employee Well-being

Over 80% of employees working in an office agree that their workplace affects their mental health. A neat, organized, and well-lit space improves cognitive function and could relieve stress. Meanwhile, 53% of employees believe a better-designed workspace would improve their overall well-being.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Almost every employee (92%) feel that innovative design is an important factor in the success of the business. For millennials, a smart office is more attractive than a traditional one (53%).

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