Providing a good working environment is one of the commitments of a business to their employees. However, a good office set us is not only defined by an aesthetically-pleasing workplace.

So what makes a great office space, according to employees? Here are the 6 office design principles that appeal more to employees, leading to better productivity, higher morale, and more creativity:

Strategic Workspace Planning

Planning the layout of your office strategically means allocating different workzones where employees can do their best work. An ideal workplace should be a collection of spaces that can accommodate collaboration, promote creativity, and support focused work.

Areas to Drink Good Coffee

Working in front of the computer for the whole day can drain energy and motivation. Employees agree that a great office space has areas where they can enjoy a cup of coffee or take a break for a while to recharge and socialize with their colleagues.

Latest Technology

A modern office is a great workplace, according to employees. Due to the digitalization of the majority of processes, operations, and data, offices should be able to adapt to technological advances to help employees do everything they need to do–more efficiently.

Good Lighting & Acoustic Control

Office lighting and acoustic control affect your employees’ mood, productivity, and well-being more than you think. Many employees would agree that offices that invest in ample office lighting and great acoustic control are better workplaces compared to those with a dingy atmosphere.

A Touch of Green

Being stuck in the office for the majority of the daytime can affect your employees mental and physical condition. Employees prefer office spaces that offer a touch of nature and the outdoors through office plants and green walls.

Ergonomic Furniture

A great office space supports its employees for their wellness needs-literally. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture are also a workplace feature that employees love.

A great office space is one that supports the needs and overall well-being of its employees through design, fixtures, and furniture. Office spaces are a reflection of your brand and company values.

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