Employees agree that a great office space to work in is one that supports the needs and overall well-being of its employees through design, fixtures, and furniture. In the Philippines, a 2024 study revealed that 37% of employees agree on the importance of the office for them to do their best work.

Coming back from the work-from-home set up, the majority of Filipino employees say they prefer to travel to the office to collaborate and work better with their peers and colleagues. The same study showed that 73% of employees expressed the need for spaces that are more conducive to collaboration and brainstorming.

Global research agrees with the results, emphasizing that more office workers want to be in an office that fosters belongingness to the organization. The era of hybrid work has also reinforced the need for open spaces where employees can connect and collaborate through technology.

The Importance of Collaboration Hubs in the Philippine Office

Teamwork and Communication

Collaborative spaces facilitate interaction among teammates. These spaces encourage spontaneous discussions, brainstorming, and information sharing that develops professional relationships in the workplace.

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Productivity and Creativity

Areas for collaboration enhances creativity and boosts productivity. Without space and seating limitations, Filipino employees can brainstorm and collaborate together.

Support for Hybrid Work

Open and collaborative spaces also enable a seamless workflow for on-site and remote workers in the digital age. Video conferencing tools, collaborative software, and a reliable technology infrastructure in the workplace should be in place.

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Designing & Building Offices for Collaboration 

Corebilt demonstrated its expertise in designing and building office spaces fit to the needs of businesses. From highlighting their branding, values, and company culture, its team of experts collaborate to maximize the use of the space and provide support to companies through their workspace.

Committed to provide tailor-fit design and build solutions for local and multinational businesses,  We specialize in transforming spaces into your dream office to foster collaboration, productivity, and inspiration in the workplace. Collaborate with us today! Email to inquire and know more about our services.

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