The Design and Build approach in construction is a delivery method that involves a single contract between the client/space owner and their chosen builder/contractor. It usually involves professional contractors that offer an end-to-end range of services, from design conceptualization, project management, and execution.

This approach is preferred from around the globe because it entails a more seamless process for both parties, eliminating the complexity of multiple contracts and time-consuming processes done in the traditional project delivery method.

Here are some benefits of a Design & Build Approach in construction:

Faster Delivery & Project Completion

Under the Design & Build method, the bidding phase is effectively removed. This ensures a more cohesive planning and a better guarantee that the construction timeline is followed.  

Seamless Process

Since a single entity is spearheading the entire process, responsibility and accountability is observed. It also makes conflicts easier to resolve.

Improved Collaboration

A single team of professionals are working on the same project, changes are addressed and communicated quickly. Moreover, internal communication is improved, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Cost Efficiency

Because the actual builders are involved in the design and planning stage, all ideas are brought to the table, ensuring an efficient use of budget and materials.

Accuracy and Less Room for Error

Because of a seamless process and smooth-sailing transaction, translating into a more accurate construction process, reduced cost, while avoiding delays.

Corebilt is the preferred design and build solutions provider for office, commercial, and residential fit-out. Collaborate with us today to learn more about our full service approach to construction.

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