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Site Safety 101: Avoiding Injuries, Hazards in Construction

Safety in any profession should always come first. Globally, construction remains to be one of the most hazardous industries. To mitigate these risks, firms and project owners are obligated to ensure that a culture of safety is being complied with to prevent or avoid the inherent danger that comes with every build.

According to Occupational Health & Safety, there are four core tenets that will foster the safety culture in construction:

  • Safety before productivity

A greater emphasis must be placed in that nothing is above safety and well-being of employees or workers. It is important to combat the perception that safety must be compromised for the sake of getting more work done or reaching an impossible deadline.

  • Mitigation is key

The creation of effective mitigation processes to address common safety concerns are vital. The importance of having a manual that identifies specific safety issues makes it easier to align solutions and carry out effective implementation. 

It is advised that fall risk assessments, supplying latest safety equipment, best-practices simulation and inspection, regular training, and incentive offerings must be done. All measures can help ensure adherence to safety standards.

  • Safety Accountability matters

Zero-tolerance safety accountability standards must be implemented in all sites to reduce chances of injuries, labor issues or company liabilities. 

This means that unsafe behavior, in any form or degree, is unacceptable. Willingness to follow safety regulations must always be contingent to job designation or recruitment considerations.

  • Invest in safety

Financing safety is one of the most important components of building the said culture. Equipping employees with quality equipment inspires confidence to execute their work and reminds them how serious a firm takes their safety. 

There are technology tools available to help assess risks in certain sites and remove this undue hazard for smoother execution of a project.

More than project completion, construction firms are defined by their safety performance. Encouraging safety-first mentality builds a safer and more efficient work sites that are trusted by both clients and employees.

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