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Employee Feature: Building A Career In Safety

(L-R: Project Manager Gary Falguera and Safety Officer Gomer Veloria)

In the construction industry, safety always comes first. Work sites must properly be monitored for hazards and supervised to avoid any untoward incidents. This is vital to ensure the safety of employees, and deliver every build successfully.

Safety officers are assigned to sites to carry out these duties uncompromisingly, making them key members of construction teams. Beyond the job description, Safety Officer Gomer Veloria believes that his professional career and experience in Corebilt fostered his holistic development.

Before joining Corebilt, Veloria has been with different industries such as production, agriculture, microfinancing. While all became avenues to impart his capabilities and impressive work attitude, the construction industry especially caught his interest.

“Implementing safety in the workplace, whether in the office or site settings, really matters,” He shared. As a family man, his learnings from the job extended to his own family and contributed greatly in sustaining his personal priorities and obligations.

Value of People and Leadership

“People management is one of the most important factors in the industry,” Veloria reiterated when asked about the most valuable skill his work has taught him. His firm belief that there are different ways of dealing with various individuals on site made it easier for him to carry out his role.

While leading a team can prove to be challenging, he aggressively steps up to the challenge believing that proper teamwork ultimately guarantees success. Veloria learned early to place much value in how he relates with different personalities in his career to harness good working relationships with them. 

“Different strokes for different folks” has become his mantra to deliver exemplary work that reflects in every Corebilt space.

Carrying the Corebilt Pride

For Veloria, every space is special in its own ways. In more ways than one, he shared that there are a lot of challenges that the Corebilt team faces with every project but none proved to be unconquerable in his eyes.

“All projects of Corebilt are special because of its departments’ great teamwork,” He added when asked if he found any of the projects more memorable than the others. “We are all working toward one goal which is customer satisfaction.”

He maintained that in every work done, they carry with them the firm’s commitment and values. This common vision helped ensure that they deliver and even go beyond the expected results. 

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