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Commercial Fit-outs: Important Terms you have to Know

An office fit-out is the general term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupancy and operations. Businesses who are moving into their new office need professional contractors to ensure that the process is safe, of high quality, and will satisfy the needs and safety of office occupants.

Fitting-out a commercial space often includes all the interior construction needed to transform a bare shell space to one that is ready for the company’s day to day operations. It may cover all necessary work on the structure, electrical and wiring, flooring, furnishing, and down to the final touches and decorations.

The office fit-out process develops the office space in line with the requirements of the business or people that will be using it, so it is therefore tailored to reflect their needs.  

Similar with other improvement projects, there are also different types of office fit-outs that are determined on its inclusions.

Category A Commercial Fit-outs

Category A office fit-outs covers the construction processes needed for an office space to function. This usually includes flooring, power sockets, air conditioning, basic fire detection & protection systems, as well as general decoration to the perimeter walls. While this type of fit-out in an office may already be ‘functional’, it is often bare-bones and has an open-plan finish that further needs to be modified to reflect the vision and identity of the company to use it.

Category B Commercial Fit-outs

Office Fit-outs under Category B often include the “special touches” that make each workplace unique. Category B fit-outs are more detailed and specific to the unique guidelines and brief of the client, specifically to reflect their brand’s story on to the space. This can cover the paint colors on the walls, the type of furnishing, wall art, and the types of rooms on the floor.

With its vision of reflecting its clientele’s story on to their space, Corebilt works as an end-to-end solutions provider for commercial businesses in the Philippines. We closely collaborate with the clients to ensure that their workplace represents their identity and provides a safe and satisfying space for their employees.

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