As the construction industry continues to boom, women are taking significant roles from business owners, engineers, and project managers.

Workforce Share

The Denver Business Journal shared women now occupy 34 percent of the construction workforce. In the report, this is “more than triple the industry average of 9.1%.

Better Collaboration, Larger Pipeline

Working with women that offer diverse skill sets can bring forth greater opportunities and allow for more diversity, which is critical to the future of construction.

Representation Boosts Confidence

Seeing more women in a male-dominated industry encourages others to demonstrate their competency and break barriers. Report shows that their male colleagues expressed their support since having more performing coworkers and innovators in the field is a huge advantage.

Real Opportunities to Build Careers

Interest springs from raising awareness among women and young girls that there is a fulfilling career to be found in construction. This will inspire more young women to pursue advanced study of science, technology, engineering, and math.

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