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Project Management 101: Everything You Need To Know

The key to any successful build is effective project management. Proper handling ensures that a project is within budget, protected from any complications, and delivered in a timely manner.

In the Philippines, properties and developments continue to evolve, and now require a more adaptable and dynamic team to facilitate it. Corebilt Assistant Project Manager Micah Ramos elaborates further on the top benefits of efficient project oversight in the current landscape and the crucial role it takes behind every build.

Achieving the objectives

Ramos said that each project is unique resulting in a varying degree of complexity.  This requires teams to remain focused and flexible to meet the requirements at every phase without losing sight of the standards.

As every space tells a different story, project management teams help define every objective and set clear goals to lead the project to success. This helps track the progress of construction and delivery milestones based on the timeline aligned with the client.

Balancing the Iron Triangle

As with any project, the iron triangle of cost, scope, and time takes precedence in terms of consideration. Project managers are responsible for keeping the “triple constraints” in check and balancing it out in terms of execution.

According to Ramos, the biggest issue encountered by a project manager is risk. This is why they ensure that all project managers should excel in project planning and forecasting risks to ensure smoother implementation and contingency preparation.

Ironing out communication

A good project management team must always communicate well internally and externally. Having good communication helps in resolving conflicts and is useful in negotiations.

“A good project manager should be able to align goals with business objectives, and allocate tasks to every member,” Ramos noted. Delegation of tasks is integral in delivering a successful outcome.

Focus on accuracy, organization

Estimation is a crucial facet of project management. Ramos said that good teams should be able to accurately estimate costs and lead times to deliver on certain tasks.

“They should still be able to deliver with quality,” she added. “The project manager is there to minimize mistakes and impose corrective actions.”

With the understanding of what it means to achieve project success, having an efficient system in place is reiterated to facilitate smooth workflow and easier tracking of progress. This system will ensure that teams are highly-organized to prevent “mass chaos” in every project.

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