Fitting-out a space for your workplace involves a lot of planning and preparation even before the construction phase begins. One of the first few considerations in planning an office is the layout.

Research associates productivity, employee morale, and company culture with an office layout, making it a crucial aspect when planning for a fit-out. Which one should you choose for your business?

Open Office Spaces

Open layouts have gained popularity for fostering collaboration and communication among team members. This layout also maximizes smaller spaces by doing away with partitions that make the office appear more dense.

Cubicles and Workstations

For a balance between collaboration and individual focus, cubicles and workstations offer a structured approach. This type of office layout designates spaces for quiet work without closing the whole space.

Choosing the Right Office Layout for your Business

Private Offices

Some businesses thrive in an environment that prioritizes concentration. Private offices connote hierarchy and notes on the importance of privacy within the workplace.

Hybrid and Flexible Layouts

Given the popularity of remote work, hybrid office layouts have become increasingly popular in Philippine offices. Hotseats without permanent stations in the office are often the components of a hybrid and flexible layouts.

Similar to work processes and team rapport, office layouts can also determine and influence unique dynamics within your team and business. The right office layout  for your company should go beyond aesthetics and give focus on creating an environment that supports your company’s culture, fosters collaboration, and boosts productivity.

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