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Above & Beyond Awardees Employee Features

Glaiza Sajelan, Office Custodian

Glaiza Sajelan, affectionately known as “Ate Glai” in the Corebilt office, is a true asset to the  team, making a significant impact on the workplace in more ways than one.

She is always ready to lend a hand, ensuring that all departments run like clockwork, if not more conveniently.  Whether it’s assisting with packing materials or ensuring timely deliveries, her willingness to assist with the little things greatly contributes to the efficiency of the entire organization. Often seen with a smile on her face, Ate Glai has a unique talent for catering to the preferences of almost everyone while steadfastly upholding her duties and responsibilities.

Her recognition as one of the Above & Beyond Awardees is well-deserved. She willingly takes on tasks outside her duties, such as running errands to the bank and handling various miscellaneous responsibilities. Her adaptability and resourcefulness are invaluable to daily operations.

Ate Glai is the epitome of reliability. No matter how challenging or specialized a task may be, she can be counted on to execute it flawlessly. Her consistency in taking on special tasks sets a standard of excellence that inspires us all. Her willingness to go above and beyond, coupled with her unwavering dedication and adaptability, make her an exemplary employee who makes a significant difference in the workplace every day.

Reymond Cruza, Company Driver

Reymond Cruza, fondly known as “Rey,” is not just a company driver; he is the embodiment of dedication and reliability. His commitment to his role earns him the recognition as one of Corebilt’s Above & Beyond Awardees.

One of Rey’s standout qualities is his willingness to extend his working hours to ensure that all assigned tasks are completed. Whether it’s late-night deliveries or last-minute errands, Rey steps up to the plate without hesitation, showcasing his unwavering dedication and commitment to the team and the company.

He handled the workload seamlessly, and what sets him apart is his ability to do so without complaint, even when facing challenging circumstances. Rey also generously shared his expertise by training new drivers, ensuring they could uphold the same high standards he embodies.

As the lone service driver at times, Rey faced the difficulties of deliveries without a helper. Despite these challenges, he maintained a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt. His cooperative nature and friendly disposition make him easy to get along with, fostering a harmonious working environment in the office and on-site.

His willingness to go the extra mile, his dependability in challenging times, and his overall dedication to his role make him an invaluable asset to the Corebilt team. 

Mary Joyce “MJ” Fronda, Project Manager

MJ is not just an exceptional Project Manager; she’s a driving force behind Corebilt’s success. With her dedication, initiative, and attention to detail, MJ has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the organization.

Her excellence is not limited to project delivery in the construction field. She also contributes innovative processes that benefit the entire Corebilt team. Her ability to think beyond the immediate task at ensuring that all things are above standards add value and morale to her team.

MJ’s remarkable project management skills shine through as she flawlessly oversees multiple projects simultaneously. Her daily checklists and status updates keep the team informed and aligned. She tackles challenges head-on, facilitating problem-solving sessions to chart the way forward. Furthermore, MJ willingly supports business development efforts by assisting with site visits for prospective bids.

Her commitment to her role extends beyond the standard workweek. MJ  remains highly responsive, addressing queries and concerns, even during weekends. With all these standout qualities and outstanding commitment, she is one of Corebilt’s deserving Above & Beyond Awardees.

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