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Information & Technology (IT) Services

With technology integration, automation, and digitalization at the heart of almost all companies and businesses today, Corebilt has professionalized its electronics and information technology capabilities to expand its design and build services for clients.

Under this service line, we offer an advanced approach to cater to improvements in internal digital infrastructure in the workplace. Our in-house team is expertly trained to optimize smart technology solutions including cloud storage, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, voice communication, and structured cabling among others.

With its end-to-end brand of service, Corebilt is evolving to become a pioneer in providing an in-house digital infrastructure service in the Philippines. Providing premium ICT Outsourced Service Models, we offer a flexible and solution-based technology to any business' requirement and financial model needs.

IT Services

Service Life Cycle Consultancy

Our unique and seamless approach to integrating technology in the workplace highlights our Service Life Cycle Consultancy. Corebilt IT Services offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance your business operations through cutting-edge technology and strategic planning.

This system encompasses Corebilt's commitment to setting up our clients’ success by laying the technical groundwork for a robust and scalable technology infrastructure. From assisting the initial analysis of their business requirement and identifying areas of revenue loss, our IT Services Team assists in tech design architecture, redesigning business processes, deployment, and integration.

Our goal is to utilize technology to increase efficiency, effectively reduce downtime, and significantly increase revenue.

IT Services

Our Clients

The rapid growth and development of technology need to be supported by a robust, flexible, and future-ready infrastructure. To provide tech-enabled inspired spaces, we have identified the four key systems for seamless innovation and integration in the workplace:
Wireless LAN & Data Network, Voice, Premise Security, and Structured Cabling.

IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients
IT Services Clients

Corebilt IT Services & Products

Data Infrastructure

A robust data infrastructure is vital for businesses, providing many benefits that enhance efficiency, competitiveness, and overall operational success. Investing in robust data infrastructure provides businesses with significant benefits, enhancing operational efficiency, security, and decision-making capabilities. It offers cost savings, scalability, and flexibility while improving customer experience and providing a competitive edge.

IT Services
What We Offer
  • LAN & WAN Network Solutions
  • Wireless LAN and WAN Solutions
  • Security audit and compliance
  • Network security
  • Endpoint security
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Safe City Solutions
  • 911 / ECDC Incident Response System
  • IP PBX, Cloud Centrex, and Unified Communications
  • Video Conferencing Solutions (HW and CLOUD)
  • FOC, UTP, and GPON
  • Cloud application and services
  • Network Audit
  • Wireless LAN Audit / Heat Map Survey
  • PABC, VOIP Audit
  • Cabling Audit
  • Design and Configuration
  • Managed PABX
  • Manage Firewall
  • Manage Contact Center
  • Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless LAN Networks
  • Voice Systems
  • CCTV
  • Structured Cabling

About Corebilt

Corebilt is committed to providing high-quality, expertly designed space solutions that are customized to match your business needs. Extending our capabilities beyond traditional office environments, we offer a wide array of innovative and flexible options tailored to support various industries. Our services include comprehensive planning, state-of-the-art technology integration, and sustainable design practices to ensure that each space not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your space continues to function optimally as your business evolves. Our commitment to excellence extends to every project we undertake, whether it's a complete office fit-out, a renovation, or a customized modular solution.

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